12 Tray Stainless Steel Laundry Cart Launched (www.washingnet.co.uk)

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12 Tray Stainless Steel Laundry Cart Launched (www.washingnet.co.uk)

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We are pleased to launch the stainless steel laundry cart for transporting laundry in care homes. This cart has the option of a hanging rail on an extension to enable hanging clothes to be transported along with smaller items in the individual draws.

This replaces our previous powder coated version providing a better trolley at a lower price.

We have been supplying the powder coated version for many years and now due to the volumes it has been viable to tool-up and manufacture the stainless laundry cart. This has made the stainless version slightly cheaper than the previous powder coated laundry cart.

Manufactured in the UK, we now stock all the component parts and can complete the cart in approximately 1 week. Previously the cart then had to go for powder coating, but now, immediately after assembly it can be on its way and delivered fully assembled. If you require quicker delivery, please do not hesitate to ask as we may be able to deliver some cart options within a couple of days.

We plan to part assemble the carts ready for despatch and therefore massively improve upon the previous 2-4 week delivery time!

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